Our Mission

Amazing Arrivals, LLC, will be dedicated to working with birth mothers and birth fathers anywhere in the State of Kentucky, and if need be, will institute interstate placements in order to achieve adoption goals. Birth parent (s) will be counseled, and will be able to select their adoptive family from our portfolios of prospective adoptive parents. Amazing Arrivals, LLC, will continue to follow-up with birth parent (s) after birth, including counseling, if needed.

Amazing Arrivals, LLC, will prepare the homestudy of prospective adoptive parents, including local law enforcement clearances and review of FBI clearances. Amazing Arrivals, LLC, will provide adoption education and counseling to prospective adoptive parents, which will be provided by knowledgeable social workers who have worked in adoptive placements, and who are skilled in the adoption process. We are waiting to help you achieve your dream of a happy family. Let us help you with this process and make your dream come true. Your amazing arrival is waiting for you - let us help you get them home.